Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Make A Cat Tree With Natural Tree Branches

Make a cat tree using natural tree limbs.

If you have a pet cat, you most likely already know that they need a place to scratch. Otherwise, their claws will grow unchecked. By providing your cat with a designated place to scratch such as a cat tree, it's less likely that they'll scratch up your furniture. You can even make your own cat tree using natural tree branches to provide an earthy and visually interesting piece to your home while keeping your cat happy.


1. Gather tree branches around the house and in parks. The branches should have a minimum diameter of two inches. Place the branches in a large plastic tub and wash them in a natural, animal-safe insecticide. Consult your veterinarian for animal-safe products. Allow the branches to soak in the insecticide for a day.

2. Wash the branches off with warm water to remove the insecticide. Air dry the branches for a day or two in a dry lighted area.

3. Mix up enough concrete to fill a large coffee can half way. Place the largest of the branches in the center of the concrete mix, securing it in place. Allow the wet concrete to set up and dry for a few hours. Fill the coffee can up with more concrete and place the remaining branches in the mix, circling the center larger branch. Allow the concrete to dry and cure overnight.

4. Cut three sheets of plywood that measure 22 by 12 inches. Screw the plywood into the branches to secure them. Stagger their positions up the branches to make multiple level platforms.

5. Glue scraps of carpet or thick fabric on the surface and edges of the plywood to add a soft place for the cat and protect it from wood edges and screws. Hang bells and feathers from the branches and platforms.

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