Monday, October 26, 2015

Select A Toy Poodle

A toy poodle is a popular breed of dog, one that many people select for their sweet disposition as well as for their small size. Like many purebred breeds, a toy poodle can be prone to certain health concerns as well as a few undesirable behaviors. Learn select the proper toy poodle to fit your lifestyle and ensure a good match.


1. Select a reputable breeder, one who is willing to have you meet him, can produce veterinary certificates for the parents of the dog you may purchase and who keeps his pets clean and well fed. Get recommendations from area vets, groomers, kennel clubs and obedience trainers.

2. Ask your breeder to let you see at least one of the puppies' parents. You can learn a lot about the dog you are considering by meeting her parents. Your toy poodle's temperament will most likely be very much like that of her parents.

3. Consider the temperament of the toy poodle you may select. Poodles can be timid and shy, and sometimes overly dominant. Look for one that fits the personality of your family best.

4. Check the appearance of the toy poodle you want. Her eyes should be clear. She should appear alert and intelligent. She should have nice white teeth, her coat should be thick and curly, and she should move with a nice light stride, keeping her head and tail up.

5. Decide if you prefer a male or female. If your toy poodle isn't spayed or neutered, or you will have it spayed or neutered when it's old enough. You will find very little difference in behavior due to gender. If you already have another dog, your decision is more important. Select a dog of the opposite sex to eliminate possible conflicts between the two.

6. Visit your toy poodle a couple of times before making a final decision. Observe how eagerly he comes to greet you to see how socialized he is to people. Take your time with the decision since the dog you select will be a member of your family for many years to come.

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