Thursday, October 22, 2015

Donate A Car To Animal Care

Do an Internet search for "car donation" you will get thousands of results. Each for a different company that claims to accept cars in any condition, recycle the metals and parts, and then donate a part of the profits to charity. Charities that can benefit often include various animal rescue and care organizations. But how do you know that your donation is really benefiting animals? To donate your car to help animals you do need to do your homework about the middleman car charity program, or donate the car directly to the organization of your choice.


1. Donate your working car directly to the animal care organization. If you have an animal charity in mind, then call them and ask if they could use your car. Many rescue groups need transportation and will gladly accept cars in good to excellent condition; especially large SUV's or vans that can transport several animals at once.

2. Donate your nonworking car to a car donation company. You can find local or national ones with a quick Internet search. They will recycle the car and donate proceeds to local or national charities. You should however research their charities list first. To start with, the company needs to be a nonprofit and you can ask for documentation. Also, call animal charities on the company's list and ask how much money they have received from that particular car donation company. If the answer is zero, or the charity is surprised there is such a program that includes them, then find another car donation company.

3. Contact animal charities of your choice and find out if they participate in any car donation programs. This is the best route if you know which local charity you would like to help but have a non-working car.

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