Monday, January 19, 2015

Get A Cybunny On Neopets

Limited edition Neopets such as Cybunny can only be obtained through special means.

Neopets is an online game in which players adopt virtual pets to feed, play and battle with in a world called Neopia. Various species of Neopets can be chosen by users and customized to their liking. Most Neopets can be adopted once the user signs up, but a few limited edition Neopets can only be obtained by special means. The Cybunny is a rare Neopet that can only be obtained through certain events, days or usage of various items.


Obtaining Cybunny Using Items

1. Purchase a Cybunny Morphing Potion from the trading post on Mystery Island. These potions usually range from about 800,000 neopoints to several million. Give the potion to your neopet and it will change into a different colored Cybunny.

2. Go to the trading post on Mystery Island and buy a Cybunny Transmogrification Potion. This potion is also very rare and will cost you over 800,000 neopoints. Give this potion to your Neopet and it will turn your neopet into a mutant Cybunny.

3. Find a Mysterious Swirling Potion by having a Neopet fish at the Underwater Cavern in the Maraquan Ruins. The Neopet has to be at least at level 80 in fishing skills. Give this potion to your Neopet and it will change into any random limited edition Neopet. There is a one in 12 chance that it will change your Neopet into Cybunny.

4. Purchase a Magical Blue Cybunny Plushie from the trading post on Mystery Island. This item is extremely rare and will cost at least 5,000,000 neopoints to buy. Have your Neopet play with the Magical Blue Cybunny Plushie and it will instantly transform into a Blue Cybunny.

Getting Cybunny Through Events

5. Adopt a Cybunny on April 27th, the day of the Cybunny Carnival. During this annual Neopian holiday, new Cybunnies are released for adoption in limited quantities. Groups of about 1,000 Cybunnies are released throughout the day.

6. Visit the Secret Laboratory. After collecting all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, you can access the Lab Ray and zap any one of your Neopets. If you get lucky, one of your Neopets will turn into a Cybunny.

7. Check the Neopian pound for any abandoned Cybunnies. If you see a Cybunny available, click the adopt button underneath it in order to adopt it. Sometimes, a user may choose to abandon a Neopet to create room for more Neopets in his account.

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