Thursday, July 2, 2015

Train An Italian Greyhound To Use A Litter Box

Train an Italian Greyhound to Use a Litter Box

Italian greyhounds are graceful and majestic dogs. They have an air of dignity and elegance most breeds do not possess and somehow they seem to know it. Yet, they come with one rather hefty drawback--they can be quite difficult to housetrain. With such little fur and thin frames, it is not surprising that Italian greyhounds are often reluctant in inclement weather and dislike wind, cold, snow or rain. This leaves Italian greyhound owners with quite a dilemma when the dogs won't go outside to eliminate waste. Difficulty in housetraining is the number one reason that Italian greyhounds are abandoned by their owners. By following these steps, Italian greyhounds and their owners can come to a compromise.


1. Start by setting up an area in your home you want to use for the Italian greyhound’s litter box. A low-traffic secluded area like a large closet or laundry room works best. Keep in mind that this area is going to essentially be for “doing business” so you wouldn’t want it in your dining room, for example. Try creating a den-like atmosphere to give the dog a sense of privacy.

2. Place a large dog-sized litter box on the floor of the designated area and line it with either specialized dog litter, newspaper or a puppy pee pad. Dog litter can be difficult to use, especially with puppies because they tend to chew it. Newspaper will not be as absorbent nor will it eliminate odors and puppy pee pads can be costly over time, so think long and hard about which type of filling you want to use.

3. Pay attention to the dog's behavior. As soon as you notice your Italian greyhound signaling that it has to “go,” take him over to the designated area, plop him in the litter box and say “go potty” or whatever cue you normally use. Be patient and repeat this process regularly. Be prepared for some slip-ups.

4. Scooping some of the Italian greyhound’s feces and placing a small amount for scent into the litter box might help him get the message.

5. Once the Italian greyhound gets it right, praise him enthusiastically and give an immediate treat. Italian Greyhounds often have a “what’s in it for me” attitude, so the treat sweetens the deal for them.

6. Clean the litter box regularly. Often an Italian greyhound won’t use the litter box repeatedly if it is soiled.

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