Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stop Male Dogs From Peeing In The House

Walk dogs regularly to help prevent indoor urination.

Male dogs pee inside the home for a number of reasons. Some do it because they are attempting to mark their territory, and others do it because they are not adequately housebroken. Getting your male dog neutered can help reduce territorial urinating. That being said, behavioral modification through training may still be required. Additionally, if your dog is not fixed or is peeing indoors for other reasons, you will need to train him with behavior modification. Before proceeding with training, have a veterinarian rule out any medical cause of indoor urinating.


1. Give your dog plenty of access to the outdoors. Most dogs will not urinate inside if they have the option to do so outside. Take your dog outside on a leash. Take hm to an acceptable place to urinate. Wait in the spot until your dog goes to the bathroom. When your dog pees in a spot that is acceptable, praise him and reward him with a treat.

2. Eliminate your dog's access to objects or areas of the home where he likes to urinate. Additionally, put treats in, or around these areas. This will help change your dog's association of the area from a place to urinate to a place to eat. Dogs do not typically like to pee where they eat or sleep.

3. Block your dog from seeing other strange dogs and animals. Prevent other dogs from going into your yard. These things may trigger a male dog to mark his territory.

4. Clean up dog accidents right away. Use an enzymatic cleaner to ensure you have removed all traces of odor and stain.

5. Make the spot your dog likes to pee less desirable. Move furniture to make the spot inaccessible or use a deterrent spray.

6. Make a loud noise if you catch your dog peeing in the house. You can clap your hands, or shake a can of pennies. You can also spray your dog with water to startle him. The idea is to distract him with an annoying, but harmless cue.

7. Use dog diapers, or a belly-band if you cannot stop your dog from peeing in the house. Only use dog diapers after you have a had a veterinarian rule out any underlying medical cause of indoor peeing.

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